Groundwater Regulations

National Regulations

National Water Policy, 2002

National Water Policy, 1987

State Regulations

Karnataka urban drinking water and sanitation policy, 2003

The Karnataka groundwater (regulation and control of development and management) act, 2011

Government of Karnataka came up with a new regulation for groundwater in 2009. 2009 bill is a significant shift from 1999 act which was focused solely on drinking water protection. 2009 bill emphasizes on regulation and control of groundwater development and management. This 2009 bill was later passed as an act in 2011 and came to be recognized as Karnataka Groundwater regulations and control of development and management act, 2011.

The Act shall apply to drilling/digging of a well or using groundwater from an existing well by or on behalf of the State Government or a local authority or any other authority notified by the State Government, as a public drinking water source. The provisions in the act are in addition to the previously or currently existing any other regulations pertaining to groundwater. Received the assent of the Governor on the Fifth day of April, 2011

The proposed act provides for,-

  • The constitution of the Karnataka Ground Water Authority;
  • Restriction and regulation of extraction of groundwater in the notified area;
  • Specification of the minimum distance between the bore wells dug for the purpose of irrigation
  • Registration of existing and new borewells with the authority within 120 days of formation of authority
  • Declaration by notification any areas as drought hit areas;
  • Registration of drilling/digging agencies with the authority
  • Certain other incidental provisions like punishment/penalty in case of not following the process to individual borewell owner as well as borewell digging agency.

Karnataka state water policy, 2002

The Karnataka state board for the prevention and control of water pollution (procedure for transaction of business and the water (prevention and control of pollution) rules, 1976

The Karnataka groundwater (regulation for protection of sources of sinking of drinking water) act, 1999

This act received the assent of the President on the Seventeenth day of October, 2003. The focus of the bill is on drinking water provisions and regulations for sinking of new wells as well as for existing wells. 

  • According to this act, sinking a well for the purpose of extracting or drawing water within a distance of 500 metres from a public drinking water source without obtaining permission of the appropriate authority is prohibited. An application has to be made to the authority with an application and appropriate fees. 
  • The Appropriate authority, in times of water scarcity may declare an area to be a water scarcity area for such period as may be specified in the order, but not exceeding one year at a time. Upon declaration of any area as water scarcity area, the Appropriate authority may order for restricting or prohibiting extraction for any purpose where such well is within 500 metres of the public drinking water source.
  • The Appropriate authority on the advice of the technical officer may declare a watershed as over exploited watershed.
  • The Appropriate authority shall have powers to prohibit sinking of wells in over exploited watersheds.
  • If the Appropriate authority is satisfied that any existing well in area of an over exploited watershed is already affecting any public drinking water source may prohibit the extraction of water from such well during the period from February to July every year and other incidental matters.

Urban Local Body Regulations

The Bangalore Water supply and Sewerage (amendment) act, 2011

The Bangalore Water supply and Sewerage and certain other laws (amendment) act, 2009

The Bangalore Water supply and Sewerage act, 1964