Posted by: Shubha Tuesday, December 02, 2014
122 students from Christ University help in GroundWater + Bio Diversity Survey

On 29th November, 110 NCC cadets + 12 students of biology and chemistry from Christ University helped with multiple surveys in the area around Sarjapura road , namely 

- to understand the water demand 
- inventory of borewells 
- bio-diversity around Kaikondarahalli lake
- Water Quality for Kaikondahahalli + Kasavanahalli lakes
The exchanges between the students and the community went from very friendly granite/marble factories that shared details of copious supplies from borewells dug in 1997 to people who ran away from the NCC cadets mistaking them for the police. The data from the survey is still to be put together and shared. This will be done by the students of the University

This event will hopefully set the tone for further engagements between academia and community.