Posted by: Shubha Friday, December 12, 2014
Open Well adjacent to Kaikondanahalli Lake as a Source of Water

A school beside a lake.

The lake is healthy and full of water.

The school has dug multiple deep borewells over the past several years - all of them deeper than 800ft - found little or no water.

School is unable to keep toilets clean for lack of water.

Decides to dig a shallow well of about 20ft depth

A donor steps in to fund the shallow well. The well is dug

The open well fills up rapidly - with water available at 8ft below ground level even in December.

A pipeline is laid to pump the water from the Open Well to the Overhead tank from where it will flow into the toilets

Yes - the water has to be tested, the rate of flow measured :)  -but it is apparent that the water is of sufficient quantity

A good example of people and groundwater knowledge coming together to create a simple working solution